Ben is Dead

Director Lisa Dooley and the cast of Ben is Dead.

Silence of Others

Director Lisa Dooley and Actress Larissa Jewel during the filming of Silence of Others.


Kohl's and Disney Interactive bring us "Kidsplaining" which aired on Disney's Babble Channel. Kids explain Vacations, Birthdays, and Exercise.


Larissa Jewel with her Agent Sueanne Edan of Tangerine Talent

The Weaning

Larissa Jewel with Director Carlos Fraile.

Straight To Mars Alice

Larissa Jewel with Director Chris Taylor and Producer/Actress Elise Falanga and Actor Brian Zarin. Cinematographer is two time Emmy Award Nominee Terence Pratt

Camp Shi'ini

Business Promo Video. Larissa with two fellow cast members.

Home Again Promo

Larissa Jewel with Director Francine McDougall. The crew of 99 Tigers Production Company celebrated my birthday after production. TBS/Home Again Movie Promo

Unhealable Wounds

Larissa Jewel with crew and Director Arpineh Ratevosiyan following the wrap of the filming of Unhealable Wounds.

Mad Hatter

Larissa Jewel in the Melanie Martinez Music Video "Mad Hatter" distributed by Atlantic Records.

Mad Hatter

Larissa Jewel in the Melanie Martinez Music Video "Mad Hatter" distributed by Atlantic Records.

La Macabe Season 2

Larissa Jewel with Director Dan Ast, Producer David Schatanoff Jr., Actor Ryan Hellquist, and Actor Joel Bryant

Larissa and Dan Ast

At the LA Macabre Season 2 Premier with Director Dan Ast.

Larissa and Producer David Schatanoff Jr

Larissa Jewel and Producer David Schatanoff Jr. at the premier of LA Macabre Season 2.

Larissa and Actor Ryan Hellquist

Larissa Jewel and Actor Ryan Hellquist at the primer of LA Macabre Season 2

Blood Relatives

Larissa Jewel taking Direction from Director Rebecca Scott during the filming of Investigation Discovery Channels Blood Relatives - Bloody Valentine

The Driver

Larissa Jewel with Director Austin Marks during the filming of the movie "The Driver"

City of Palmdale PSA

Larissa with fellow actors during the filming of this PSA about texting and walking.


Larissa Jewel in Mermaids. Here she's with Actor Ray Nicholson

Monster Spray

Larissa Jewel with the Director's Fernando Ramírez and Justin Dickey. Oh, and her brother Hunter.

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie

Larissa Jewel in this Amazon Prime Primer of If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Air BnB

Larissa is with Director Bartley Taylor at the wrap of Air BnB.


Larissa was a family member at a reunion in the park in this Church of Scientology Production.


Larissa Jewel in the commercial for imemories

Junk Drawer Magical Adventures

Photo taken on set while filming the upcoming episode of Dream Works / Universal Kids "Junk Drawer Magical Adventure".

Valley Hi Toyota

Just wrapped the Valley Hi Toyota commercial. Larissa Jewel with Director Cody Theilman. That's the Valley Hi Toyota General Manager Todd Stokes in the Santa Costume.


Larissa Jewel with Director April Hewston.


Larissa Jewel with Director April Hewston.

Creative RV commercial

Cast and crew along with the Director, James Headrick, at the wrap of filming the Creative RV commercial.

World Refugee Day 2018

PSA for World Refugee Day 2018 with Director Max Landwirth.

Movie extra

I was not able to take photos at the shoot but I was an extra for a film.

User Experience

Did a Voice Over for a Pod Cast produced by Gimlet Media. Here I am following the session.


Amazon Prime's "Bosch". I played the kid in the park in this episode. Red Studios Hollywood.

Bhad Bhabie

Larissa Jewel is here with Director Iqbal Ahmed. BHAD BHABIE - "Mama Don't Worry (Still Ain't Dirty)" (Official Music Video) | Danielle Bregoli Artist. Distributed by Atlantic Records

Larissa and Singer Bhad Bhabie

Larissa Jewel and Singer Bhad Bhabie while filming her music video "Mama Don't Worry (Still Ain't Dirty)" released by Atlantic Records

Larissa Jewel in Bhad Bhabie

Here I am in during the filming of "Mama don't worry" music video performed by Danielle Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie, Directed by Iqbal Ahmed, and Distributed by Atlantic Records.

Head Shots

Recent Head Shots taken by William of Olite Photography

Air BnB

Cast and Crew of Bartley Taylors Air BnB.

Larissa Jewel and Director of People Mag

Larissa Jewel with the Director Stephen Schuster. Investigation Discovery Channel's People Magazine Investigates Season 3 Ep 6 "Fallen Angels"

Cast of Investigation Discovery's People

Larissa Jewel with cast of Investigation Discovery Channel's People Magazine Investigates Season 3 Ep. 6 "Fallen Angels"

Larissa and Cody RAC Commercial

Larissa Jewel with Director Cody Theilman for a new commercial Riverside Auto Center Chevrolet.